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Raytek RAYTTF150 Series Imaging System for Thermoforming Processes

Raytek RAYTTF150 Series Imaging System for Thermoforming Processes

Model: RAYTTF150 Series
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Fluke Process RAYTTF150 Series Offers


  • Improve profitability and product quality
  • Reduce setup time and scrap
  • Detect defects and failed heating elements quickly
  • Automate quality monitoring
  • View complete thermal images and temperature profiles
  • Define product-specific configurations and data files
  • Customize and display zones overlayed on thermal image
  • Automatically analyze zone temperatures

TF150 Process Imaging System Software

The software displays each thermal image snapshot with overlaid customizable zones and zone results. 100 zones are shown (several have alarm conditions). A high-alarm appears red and a low-alarm is blue. These results can be output to your PLC or SCADA system. The software can ignore the temperature of areas lying outside of the part's thermal image (background).


Thermoforming - Involves the heating of one or more plastic sheets to a temperature suitable for forming or stretching into or onto a mold, and then cooled before removal and trimming. Finished parts range from disposable cups to large single piece automotive body panels. Processes can be semi-continuous (fed as thin-gauge sheet from a roll) or discontinuous (large heavy-gauge single sheets).

Application Need

Temperature uniformity and sufficient heat penetration across the entire sheet needs to be ensured for the sheet to be correctly formed (critical for thicker sheets). Temperature of the finished item needs to be measured to ensure it is cool enough to be removed from the tool safely.

How we can help you

  • Measure multiple temperatures over the entire sheet corresponding to heating zones that allows cascade control for processing next sheet
  • Measure temperature during the heating cycle to ensure correct heating curve and set point is achieved
  • Measure temperature of the formed piece to allow safe removal and minimize the risk of injury





Temperature Range

20 to 350°C

100 to 800°C

100 to 350°C









Field of View (FOV)

45° or 90° (selectable)

Spectral Response

3 to 5 µm

3.9 µm

3.43 µm

Optical Resolution



0.1 to 1.00 digitally adjustable

Focus Distance

1.5m (60") standard

Optical Scan Rate

Up to 150Hz

Number of Samples

512 data points per scan line (up to 80Hz ), 256 data points per scan line (80 to 150Hz)


Analog: 3 user-configurable 0/4-20mA current output, collectively isolated. Max. DC resistance 500Ω; Alarm: Electromechanical relay 30V, 1A; Digital Communications: RS485/RS232 full duplex, non-addressable; Ethernet Communication: TCP/IP protocol 10/100Mbit/s


Trigger + 5 to 24VDC pulse (user-supplied)

Power Supply

24 VDC ± 25%, 1A