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Dakota PVX เครื่องวัดความหนาโดยไม่ต้องขูดสี

Dakota PVX เครื่องวัดความหนาโดยไม่ต้องขูดสี

Model: Dakota PVX
   เครื่องวัดความหนาเหล็ก    Dakota

The PVX Ultrasonic Precision
A-Scan Thickness Gauge
The physical size, weight, and display resolution
are just a few of the benefits of the PVX

• Adjustable square wave pulser provides the flexibility necessary for both high resolution and penetration requirements.
• Selectable viewing options provide the user with additional flexibility during operation: (RF waveform, +/- Rectified waveform, and Large Digits with Scan Bar.
• Time based B-Scan feature displays a cross section of the test material. Displays the profile of the opposite surface of the material.
• Adjustable resolution settings add to the PVX’s flexibilty.
• Ability to use a variety of single element transducers for specific applications: Standard Delay Line (acrylic and graphite tips for metals and thin plastics), Pencil Delay Line (tough access areas on thin materials), and Contact transducers (variety of applications).
• Hardware AGC gain control for multiple echo and thru-paint measurement.
• Multiple calibration options: One-Point, Two-Point, or selection from a Material List.
• 16 factory setups and 48 user-defined setups. User-defined setups can be edited for custom applications.
• PVX is equipped with an alpha-numeric data logger to provide increased versatility for those custom reporting needs.
• The High Speed Scan feature speeds up the inspection process by taking 32 measurements per second. Remove transducer from the test material and display the minimum measurement scanned.
• Visual and audible alarm with Hi and Lo limit settings for specific application tolerances.
• Auto Find feature locates the detection point(s) and adjusts the display settings to bring the waveform into view.
• PVX comes complete with our Windows® PC software for transferring data to and from a PC.
• 2 year limited warranty.