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Metrel MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV

Metrel MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV

Model: Metrel MI 3202
   Insulation Testers    Metrel


MI 3202 GigaOhm 5 kV provides a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The large segment LCD screen with backlight offers easy reading of results. The analogue/digital display with analogue graph has a range of up to 1 TΩ for insulation resistance and 600 V for voltage measurements.

Measuring Functions

  • Quick setting - Quick & Easy test voltage selection
  • Faster testing - 5 mA current source for quick charging of capacitive loads
  • Safe - High CAT IV, 600 V voltage protection
  • Easy to read - Large, bright LCD display with backlight
  • Effective testing - High quality instrument, shielded test leads and accessories (included in the standard set)